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blue and orange stylized backgrounnd
  • What is The Gushiken Idol Project?
    Gushiken is an internet-based idol project which consists of multiple fictional idol units and characters. Gushiken has been around for several years and previously existed as a gacha-game editing group, self-run by HeavenHoshii, and consisted mainly of card edits from existing idol rhythm games. In 2021, we discontinued the use of edits as content and create only completely original work.
  • What does Gushiken do?
    We create a variety of content surrounding our fictional idols, including original music, stories and art! We also have a small team that helps to make these things possible! Here’s some of the specific tasks our team performs: Character design and development Costume designing Story and script Writing Illustrating Music production (i.e. lyric, melody and composition creation, mixing and mastering, etc.) Graphic design Video animation Event planning Merch design and creation
  • What does your name/theme/insignia mean?
    Gushiken is a name that commonly means strong/determined in Japan, reflecting our character's strong resolve to become successful idols. Gushiken Idol Academy, the story’s setting, is a school filled with well established and talented students, though this means that the student body is very competitive and must be dedicated to their career to stand out from the many other idols working to do the same. Our theme and insignia is made up primarily of stars. We commonly use the phrase “Ad Astra!” as well, meaning “to the stars”. This also symbolizes our idol’s determination to become successful idols, as well as the vast field of stars in the sky where only some earn names for themselves. Our logo itself was designed with the Hale-Bopp comet in mind, one of the brightest comets recorded for several decades with a blue and yellow tail.
  • Is Gushiken a "insert idol franchise" fan project?
    In short, no we are not a fan project. At the time of our founding, Gushiken has been a gacha card editing program but was not necessarily a fan project. The founder created a unique story and setting that is not related to any other idol franchises. (i.e. Love Live!, Idolm@ster, Ensemble Stars!!, etc...)
  • Can I join Gushiken?
    Gushiken commonly has positions in our staff open for things such as art, graphics, or other staff for our music production! Currently resident Gushiken staff are volunteers as the founder pays for most things out of pocket for the project. As for voice actors, all of our main idols are currently voiced; however there are side characters or debuted idol characters which may require vocals at a later date. If you'd like to apply to be the voice actor for one of these characters or a staff member, please find our Casting Call Club page to audition!
  • How can I support The Gushiken Project?
    There are lots of ways to support our endeavors! You can monetarily support us by… Purchasing our merchandise from our official shop (Home | The Gushiken Shop) ( We have things like acrylic keychains, standees and buttons that you can buy to help us keep creating content, and you get something to show that you supported us! Donating to our Ko-Fi page ( for a minimum of $3 dollars. Ko-Fi donators get to see exclusive previews and progress updates of our upcoming releases and new projects! Purchasing our original music on iTunes or Bandcamp. You can also support us in several ways without money! Subscribe to our office YouTube channel! Our content on YouTube isn’t currently monetized, but one subscriber is one step closer to having another form of income that can fund our content creation. Stream our music online! You can find links to all the platforms that you can listen to our music on this page. Share our social media posts to help us reach a larger audience! We post frequently on Instagram and Twitter and share art and other updates from the project there.
  • Does Gushiken perform live?
    Gushiken does not perform at organized live events at this time, however our VAs and other staff make appearances at events such as conventions or festivals. If there is an event that you’d like to see Gushiken make an appearance at, you can contact us regarding the event! If you are an event organizer, please contact us through our business email with as much detail as possible about the event and what the appearance would entail.
  • Can myself or my group collaborate with Gushiken?
    If you're interested in collating with Gushiken, please feel free to contact us at further about this! Please include info about your group and details of what the collaboration might entail, someone from our staff will reach back out to you about your inquiry!
  • Can I make fan art of Gushiken characters?
    Yes! We love to see fanart of our idols! If you post art on any platform we encourage you to tag/mention us so we can see it! You can find all of our social media platforms on our website here. *Please note that all of our characters are of highschool age and NSFW works are not permitted and we strongly discourage the creation of this content.
  • Can I create fan-characters for The Gushiken Idol Project?
    At this time we ask that you do not create fan characters or units for the project. Because Gushiken has an extensive cast of characters, we want to avoid confusing new fans about who our idols are.
  • Can I sell my own merchandise of Gushiken characters?
    At this time we ask that fans do not sell merchandise of fanart or other content. This includes prints, keychains, buttons/pins, stickers or any other physical or digital content of our characters. Gushiken merch can be purchased at our official shop website here, or can occasionally be found at conventions being sold by authorized staff members! The majority of Gushiken’s funding comes from merchandise sales, so we prefer that merch is only sold from authorized websites/locations so we can continue to make higher quality content for our idols fans!
  • Can I make a vocal cover of Gushiken’s original songs?
    Yes! Covers of our music are permitted as long as you follow the guidelines we have set. Please make sure that content is credited as follows- The title includes “The Gushiken Idol Project” and the name of the unit the song is sung by. The description includes “original song from The Gushiken Idol Project, performed by *name of unit*, Our website link - , and a direct YouTube link to the music video of the song you are covering. The video itself includes credits as “Original Song from The Gushiken Idol Project” If you plan to amend or omit lyrics, please contact us via the contact form here or email us at with what you plan to change for approval. Please do not edit official lyrics, including translation into another language, without explicit approval from staff first.
  • Can I cosplay the Gushiken characters?
    You may! If you post photos or videos on any platform we encourage you to tag/mention us so we can see it! You can find all of our social media platforms on our website here. *Please note that all of our characters are of highschool age and NSFW works are not permitted and we strongly discourage the creation of this content.
  • Can I perform Gushiken’s songs live?
    At this time we ask that no one else perform our original songs at live events. Because we are a growing group, we prefer that only official Gushiken cast members perform songs or other related content to keep from confusing newer fans.
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