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The Gushiken Idol Project is a virtual idol project who creates their own original music, art, characters and story! Founded in 2020, we work with a large cast of voice actors, artists and producers to bring our virtual idols to life! Originally starting as a gacha-game editing group solo-run by the founder, our first single and MV debuted on November 23rd, 2021 and signaled the official switch from editing group to original idol project. The project currently consists of 9 units and 3 soloists, however we have other units and side characters to be introduced as our project and story progresses!





Gushiken consists of 9 idol units a 3 soloists, set in an idol academy in the heart of Tokyo, Gushiken Idol Academy. Known for it's competitive atmosphere and producing the best of the best- students either make it or break it with their desire for success. Though all of it's students are talented, per the strict audit process of the school, working as a group and making a name for themselves within the idol industry is another feat in itself. 

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Our Mission

*OCs: Original Characters 

The Gushiken Idol Project aspires to reach for the stars, even in your most trying times!

Our project is made up of idol OCs*, most of which had previously been created for failed or retired projects. We embrace successes and failures from past iterations and use them to push ourselves closer to the constellations that guide us and aim to be a unique and inspiring project in the world of 2d idols!

Ad Astra!!

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